LF Shock and any other Everblast

Prefer ASE anointments but none anointed is fine got a ton of gear just tell me what you’re looking for.

Flesh melter otto - ASE dmg, Corr dmg, (any)
Ice breaker otto - cryo efficiency, 40% mag size, (any)
Cutpurse Loaded Dice - health regen
EM-P5 ASE 100% dmg, 100% rakk dmg
Everblast++ ASE 125% splash dmg (not corrosive)
Bangstick ×18 (Epic)
Potent quickie x2 - 125% splash dmg, after exiting iron bear 120%
Queens/Kings call - ASE 125% dmg to bosses (not fire)
Redistribtor - ASE 100% dmg, 100% rakk dmg
Good juju - ASE 100% dmg, 100% rakk dmg
Moonfire - ASE 100% dmg, 100% rakk dmg
Unforgiven ASE 100% dmg, ASE 125% dmg to bosses
stop gap - 50% shock dmg
Recurring Hex (cryo) 50% cryo dmg

I have both shock and corossive versions (mirv, homing). Do you have a Cutpurse White Elephant, stop gap shield, maggie, or any of the new class mods?

everblast-shock everblast-corosive

Sorry closest thing I have is corrosive stop gap

Pretty sure I have all of that, just have to double check the cutpurse, I know I have a cutpurse just not sure if its a white elephant

Great, let’s trade. My GT is: ThinhDTo

Also, just remembered that I also have the cryo and fire versions (also mirv, homing), in case you’re interested:

everblast-fire everblast-cryo1 everblast-cryo2