LF Shock Backburner, CH and STNL Cryo Lightshow

Also looking for consecutive hits/ASE Prompt Critical as well as good Moze, Zane and Amara mods

Got some stuff, CH flippers, Plaguebearers, BSBs, God roll Moze COMs some URAD stuff, just let me know what you got

I have backburner shock CH. And lightshows SNTNL but rad ans shock. Got some critical ASE and 300/90 too. Add me paco97214

Do you have any ib 160 Flipper backburner Plaquebearer Gargoyle kaoson or beacon?

I’m also very curious about those godroll moze com’s. I don’t know which ones but I think I want them :sweat_smile:

Need anything else besides the stuff you get from paco ? Take a look at my thread and I’ve got a lot of com’s for Moze amara and zane, only a few are listed. Need to know what you looking for