LF: Shock Craps, Shock boom sickle with SNTNL cryo H: Small Collection, take a look

Updated: already got the shock craps, thanks everyone. Still need the SNTNL cryo shock boom sickle. I will keep updating the list.

Items for trading:

Craps (fire, 125 badass on ASE)

Craps (corrosive, 50 radiation on ASE)

Moonfire (radiation, 125 badass on ASE)

Craps (radiation, 50 cryo on ASE)

Craps (kinectic, gamma burst)

Hellshock (50 cryo on ASE)

Hellshock (1% per consecutive hit)

Maggie (1% per consecutive hit)

Maggie (100 rakk attack)

Maggie (130 on clone swap)

Maggie (gamma burst)

Emp5 (125 badass on ASE)

Redistributor (shock&corrosive, SNTNL CRYO)

Cutsman (fire, 100 rakk attack)

Kybs worth (x3, fire/corrosive, SNTNL cryo)

Lucian call (cryo&corrosive, SNTNL cryo)

Star Helix (radiation, gamma burst)

Breath of the Dying (100 on ASE)

Sickle (corrosive, 50 cryo on ASE)

Sickle (corrosive/shock, 100 on ASE)

Sickle (radiation, 125 badass on ASE)

Carrier (50 radiation on ASE & SNTNL Cryo & 125 badass on ASE)

Alchemist (100 on ASE)

Dictator (x3, SNTNL Cryo & Gamma burst)

Rowan call (shock, SNTNL cryo)

Brainstormer (x14, 50 radiation)

Recursion (x2, cryo/radiation, 125 splash on ASE)

Recursion (x2, shock/corrosive, SNTNL Cryo)

Lob (shock, SNTNL CRYO)

Lob (cryo, 250 phasecast)

Scourge (corrosive, 100 on ASE)

Scourge (shock, 50 cryo on ASE)

Nukem (125 splash on ASE, SNTNL cryo)

Scourge (kinectic & radiation, SNTNL Cryo)

Scourge (kinectic, 125 splash on ASE)

Krakatoa (50 shock on ASE, IB 125 Fire, Gamma burst)

One shooter (barrier instant recharge)

BBB shield (deplete 80 melee and 20 amp, SNTNL movement)

Run and gun band of sitorak (level 5, SNTNL movement)

Recharger (50 cryo on ASE & SNTNL movement)

Stop gap (50 corrosive on ASE)

Transformer (50 shock on ASE)

Clone maddening tracker (50 corrosive on ASE)

Hello there !
That Recursion could be great on my Zane
Don’t have the SNTL Shock Craps thought, but I have plenty of other good stuff to trade, is there anything else you’re looking for ?

How about shock boom sickle with SNTNL cryo? Also looking for that one

I’m interested in your sickle(corrosive100 on ASE), this is my list

I’ve got a Shock Craps. I’ll trade you for your SNTNL Cryo Lucians call. Add me, Scrub_Nation.