Lf Shock cutsman

I’m looking for a shock cutsman. Have lots to trade just tell me what you’re looking for

Got any of the new weapons that are anointed or any of the new class mods?

No unfortunately that’s stuff I don’t have

I have one, it is not anointed though, do you have any fire dahl or vladof assault rifles?

I have an anointed one if you have any cutpurse artifacts?

I have a cutpurse loaded dice and a cutpurse Otto
Edit just found a cutpurse pull out

Looks like the only fire assault rifle I have to get rid of is a fire dictator.

That would be fine, if you’re willing to part with it. If the answer is yes, my PSN Ice-T411

Sounds good I’ll friend you in a min

Ok friend request sent my psn is memowcat2014

Thank you very much

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