Lf: shock handsome jackhammer, dp redline

Looking for:

Shock handsome jackhammer

Dp redline ( fire)

Anointed doesn’t matter too much, but if it is then that’d be a bonus! (Moze if character specific anoint.)

I have plenty to trade just let me know what you’d be interested in

I have what you need

I still don’t have a faisor for Moze lol, but is there anything else you’re looking for?

May I see stats on them please?

I will send pics-give me a sec

It’s okay I found a fellow lover of faisors with a complete set

So everything worked out

Have I already looked at your artifacts?

Pm sent

I have one with a Zane annoint. You got a facepuncher? Unforgiven pistol? Wisp shotgun?