LF Shock Handsome Jackhammer

Really looking for this gun. Doesn’t have to be anointed but that would be really awesome. Let me know what your looking for trade. Have stuff for every character so just ask and I’ll see if I have it. Thanks

I really like that second one. What you looking for trade man ?

I’m looking for an itchy anointed flacker.

Moze class mods


Anointed corrosive lyuda

Anointed shields

I have these ?

I like the itchy flakker you have

I’ll do that man. Sorry didn’t see the notification. You online ? Gt - CORBINS MIX

Gt: Whiskey ay GoGo

In & out of play today. I will send it to you.

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Does the flakker come in different elements or only fire, kinetic and rad?

Those are the only 3 I’ve ever found. Took me forever to finally find a fire one then they make it 1 Mag size lol

Handsome jack hammer incoming

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Item sent. Thank you.

Awesome, thank you. Let me know what your looking for the grenade also man

It would be 2 purple guns & a legendary. Because it’s so spicy and if your a moze player you now have health regen.also it’s the most op item right now lol

I can give a couple things for it I don’t mind that. What purple guns you looking for or legendarys man ?