LF Shock Hex Grenade with OGT Annontment

Looking for a Shock Reaccuring Hex grenade mod with on grenade thrown annointment. Have lots to trade just list what you need and add me :slight_smile:

PSN: Mattgamer87s-l400

I need a spiritual driver mod

I got I decent one of those I can trade you

Matt if you get that let me know.

I have some good drivers if you need one.

That would be great don’t know if I’ve got anything you may need

Add me same name we’ll figure something out.

If you still need, you can find it here + many others.
I am searching for:
Cutsman - coro 125% on bosses
Nuclear The Dictator X6 125% Damage Anointed or 100% ase with fire/coro/radiation/shock
King’s call ASE weapon dmg 100% (fire and coro)
Queen’s call ASE weapon dmg 100% (cryo and coro)
Annexed Lyuda 125% more dmg - fire/radiation
Reinforced re-charged with capacity 13411 with annointed on ASE action skill cd rate is increase by 20%
-Otto Idol / Victory Rush 1. Assault Rifle Damage 2. Magazine Size 3. Action Skill Cooldown Rate
-Otto Idol / Victory Rush 1. Pistol Damage 2. Weapon Reload Speed 3. Action Skill Cooldown Rate
St4ckbot mod with : Sniper dmg, vladof critical dmg, weapon dmg
Supergiant version 0.M annointed 50% shock dmg with weapons

Feel free to add me to friends, PSN: diabolick90
Message me here or on ps4