LF shock homing mirv tediore shotgun

I’ve been farming red chests and the Earl vendor for almost a full week now with no luck, anyone willing to trade one? I have alot of misc. Stuff and some with good annoints, let me know what your looking for, thank you!

Buddy, i have every Tediore Shotgun with 4 or 5 Mirv Homing, some anointed, also the Proturbance ones as well. You just need shock one?

Gt- xCaliburxxx

I have a 5 MIRV Homing Shock as well. Im looking for a Flak anoint Kybs Worth.

I’d take a corrosive one also but mainly need the shock one, haven’t been able to find one for the life of me

What is your Gt?

Krayznatenasty, thank you!

Np, anytime