LF: Shock/incendiary Lobs with ASE 100 weapon and 125 Splash damage. TRADE COMPLETE

I have shock lob ase 100% & Fire lob 125% Splash Damage.

Add me psn)gogosungo

What you wanting for it buddy

I saw your great list. I’m so intersted in your collection,but I have to check after work off.
Maybe 2hours from now.If you are ok,I will send mail at that time.

You can also check another weapons.If you need something tell me freely I will send together.

I wanna get these two coms for my fl4k.
Thanks in advance.

Yes buddy I’ll be on in 20 mins and ill send them you I’ll also add you now

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That’s cool,Ty buddy.

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Sent them and thank you very much

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Wow! What an impressive stockpile of gear. Would love to trade. I run FL4K and have some nice stuff for him and general weapons as well.