LF Shock Infinity

I am looking for a shock infinity, have lots of things to trade.

There’s dedicated trading posts for each, I’ll move the thread.

Aka 'lectric pea-shooter.

If you’re on PlayStation, add me, I’ve prolly got that element. I don’t use 'em but I keep 'em around in the bank bc they are always popular for some reason.

Sorry, new to the forums here, yes, I play on the PS4

I have a few shock infinities.

What are you looking to trade for them? I have a bank full of gear.

Primarily a 2x shock/corrosive recursion with 250 phase cast, but interested in any 250 phase cast gear

I have 2 recurrsion guns, one is fire/radiation, the other electric/frost neither has the 250 phasecast on it. I do have 1 pistol, a Torque Itchy Breeder, 20% radiation chance, with the 250 Phasecast on it, let me know if your interested.

Still looking for a shock infinity pistol, please let me know what i can trade for it, and Ill check my inventory.

Add me lon_wolf917

Looking for a Shock Infinity if any one has one. Got stuff for trade.

You have a Tiggs Boom by chance??


Hi there, have several Tiggs Booms. would you like to trade one for the shock infinity? psn is andrewmarks1

Sounds like a plan, my PSN is Rivet_Skull thanks a ton! I’ll get that sent over as soon as I get off work later today but I’ll go ahead and add you

OK brilliant, will be online from 5.00pm so will send you the Tiggs Boom then.

Which time zone are you in, I’m Pacific

I have a shock infinity I’d like to trade for a shock cutsman

Starting second character and looking for someone to power level. Thanks