LF Shock King’s Call

LF lvl 53 King’s Call with Shock elemental damage for Fl4k Fade Away build. PSN is dryhumpsindiscos. I’ve only started collecting lvl 53 gear so feel free to ask to see if I have something you want to trade for.

Do you have a cryo lucians call or Otto idols with assault rifle dmg

I don’t have the Lucians call, but I do have a Snowdrift Otto Idol with 18% assault rifle damage.

I’ve got 2, one with anoint while airborne accuracy and handling +75% or one that Grant’s extra rakk, you can have either
If you have a fire kings call with ase +50% shock dmg that would be great as I’ve been farming all morning but u can still have 1 if not

Unfortunately the only spare I have is a Rowan’s call. I was dumb and sold any extra Kings/queens calls because I didn’t even THINK about looking to see if trading was a thing until recently. I’ve farmed Tyreen for days and got several fire Kings calls that I eventually replaced and sold off. But I can’t get a Shock king’s call to save my life.

No worries, what’s your psn ? I’ll add you now and send it on, do u want the extra rakk one or the other ?

Hey I’ll trade you the shock kings call with 100% dmg ase for the assault rifle Otto Idol, add me

PSN: Mattgamer87

Thanks so much! That extra Rakk one sounds nice. PSN is dryhumpsindiscos.

Sounds good. I’ll be away for the rest of the day but I’ll add you when I have a chance to hop back on (hopefully tonight). My PSN is dryhumpsindiscos. Thanks!

I sent over the Otto Idol. Thanks!

Kings call sent

Was away from the game when you got bak but I’ll be on in a couple of hours so I’ll send it then if u still want it

Yeah if you’re willing to part with it I’d love to have it. I’ll hopefully be on later tonight, so if you find my PSN and add me I’ll accept the request after work today.

Sorry was busy yesterday, sent u a friend request there.

No problem. Just got back from a work trip and accepted the friend request.