LF shock kyb's worth 44 mag 125% incendiary damage

As the title suggests I’m desperately chasing a shock Kyb’s worth (second element doesn’t matter) it must have a magazine size of 44 and be only a 2x (not 3x) along with moze 160% splash anointment. Alternatively I’d also like one with 125% incendiary damage for next 2 magazines after exiting iron bear.

I have God roll moze and Zane equipment to trade with and loads of 100% on ase weapons. So if anyone has this smg and is willing to trade it please let me know what you are seeking and hopefully we can make a trade.


:sweat_smile: :joy: :cry: :sob:


I think I have one I know I have three kybs with those annoiments

Send me a fr and I’ll double check

Fr sent (bizkit8369)

Ok I’ll add you and check my man

Anything you want in particular in return, I have loads of moze and Zane gear

Umm would you have a multivitamin band of sitorak with gunner annoiment cool down or the Houdini band of sitorak with sntnl anointment on it?

I have a sitorak with SNTL anointment give me 5 minutes and I’ll post a photo of it

I dunno if the rico is something your interested in but figured I’d at least show it it and the sitorak isn’t precisely what you asked for again figured I’d show you what I do have in case your interested

If I have that kybs I’ll hit you with that sitorak I don’t have that one yet I’ll let you know in a bit I’m at work atm

The Rico sounds cool but how well does it work I tried it on my flak and he got wasted with it on

It’s pretty good in my opinion I’ve watched wotans projectiles go flying flying back at him with it which I found hilarious, stingy maliwan robot getting his own back for a change.

Hmmm yeah I think ill still take the sitorak I’m trying to get them all

If you have the exact kybs that i mentioned at the top of the post you can have both

Dang man I appreciate it yeah I’ll check as soon as I get home yeah I know I got three with that annoiment

Well I’m on the other side of the world (Australia) so I may be asleep by then as it’s 10pm here now if so shoot me a msg on psn and if you got the goods you get the goods, I have all the redistributors and cutsmans with SNTL with large magazine, charge speed and projectile speed respectively too if that interests you.