LF Shock Lob w/IB or AB annointed and Redistributor w/any Moze Annoint

I have a few things to trade. It is all mostly annointed to Moze or Fl4k. So far I have a Cryo, corrosion, and radiation Lob up for trade.

I have fire lob with iron bear incendiary if you dont have that

Absolutely, one step closer to completing my set. What are you looking for in trade?

ok sure, im always looking for any good flak class mods or stuff thats good for gamma burst. Otherwise youre welcome to have it my psn is Gerbasauruz

Ok. Let me see what I have for Flak. My psn is jdmishima

I would like that incendiary lob. What are you looking for besides flak mods?

I have good gb gear!

Can I get that incendiary lob bonus Moze incendiary from you? What do you want for it?

Yeah, I can send you one in a minute. What’s your screen name? Do you have any good blast master mods…mag size, weapon damage, crit damage? Im always up for anything good for Moze.