LF shock op10 infinity gun

looking for op10 shock infinity got plently other op10’s I can offer in return , just put down what your after if you have one spare and we see if we can sort something out :slight_smile:

What platform are you on? Let us know, and one of the mods can move you to the correct trade section.

im on ps4 (probly should added that) and what kinda mod ? assuming a grenade mod ?

In this context β€œmod” means moderator, such as the gentleman who replied first. He, or one of the other mods, will get this thread moved to the appropriate subforum when they see your reply. Which he has already done. Good luck in your search, friendo. If I had one I’d help you out, but I unfortunately do not. Elemental Infinties are not particularly common. Most folks get theirs from Dic Mercy on the Peak.


ah now I get you still trying to get used of these forums :stuck_out_tongue: if honest

It’s all good. It took me a while to learn all of the forum speak too. If no one has said it yet, welcome. This is a great place to spend your time in cyberspace. And generally one of the most pleasant as well.

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