LF Shock recurring hex lots to trade

Looking for a shock recurring hex have lots for trade let me know

Got it.

Do you have laser splosion with fire element?
Brawler ward annointed with 200 % melee damage after phaseslam?

I think I have the laser sploder I’ll check tonight when I get home

I do have a fire laser sploder

Also looking for a recurring hex would like fire or shock but will take any willing to trade something for one

I have a shock recurring hex. I’m looking for a rakk pack mod

Do you have a rakk pack mod I dont care about the stats. And do you have a shield transformer or stop gap with an element on ase has 50 % chance with weapons annointed?

I have a few rakk packs, transformers, stop gap with anoints you’re looking for
to trade.

Do you have either of these?

Bekah - anointed with Cryo whilst SNTL is active.
Maggie - 526x6 damage anointed with 50% Fire on ASE

Add me on psn if want. I dont but I can help you farm if you want. I have a good juju shock ase rakk attack annointed

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Appreciate the offer dude but for me, farming is a solitary thing!

do you have an headsplosion or a shock rowan’s call 100%/50% ase ?

I have a shock rowans call 100% damage after rakk attack

hm, if you manage to get a 100% ase or 50% shock ase, i’ll send you rakk pak, transformer and stop-gap you’re looking for