LF Shock Recurring Hex *LVL 50*

I’ve been farming everything known to man on and offline with no luck so far. Please help if possible. Thanks!

I have one. Got any gamma burst weapons or phase cast or phaseslam weapons?

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I have this.

I got one, got any from this list ?
shock shreddiffier
cyro shreddifier
shock bone shredder
radiation bone shredder
cyro/shock/corrosive Halloween event gun (forgot its name)

I have a LVL 50 Cryo Engulfing Shredifier

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im interested just normal yes? r plain anointed ? as been trying to get one as drop but never get them as drop much!

long as its not specific anointed for just one vh I take it :stuck_out_tongue:


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beautiful gun :smiley: but yeah I can do recurring shock hex anointed for this :slight_smile:

my psn is silentrabbit003 just me request and we get it sorted!