LF shock resist Stop Gap (20% AS cooldown on ASE) with absorb x2

Title says it all. It’s a very specific shield to fit a very specific need in my build. If it has absorb and capacity instead of absorb x2, that would be acceptable.

I have tons to trade, most of which is listed here. I’d be willing to trade multiple items for this shield if anyone has it.

Prefix should be Bullet-Buffet

I was wondering what it would be. Danke, Steini!

So…does anyone have this shield who’s looking for some trades? I have a good selection (though about half of it is Operative specific).

I farmed El Dragon Jr. for over 6 hours yesterday with no success. Got one Stop Gap shield to drop, but it didn’t have the right modifiers or anointment. So my only realistic hope of finding this is if someone has it for trade.