LF Shock Scourge, Kybs Worth, BBB and more!

Looking for:

*Shock Scourge w splash, 50% Ele or decent annoint.

*BBB w 50% ELE annoint.

Kybs Worth any kind with any decent annoint(no jump or slide tho)

DP Incendiary Lasersploder w decent annoint.

DP Devestator w splash or damage annoint.

x2 Ogre w splash or damage annoint.

Blaster Master w +1 Redistribution, +3 Pull the Pin, +1 Vampyr w bonus Splash/aoe/grenade damage/weapon damage.

Raging Bear w +3 Stoke the Ember’s(prefer +2 Deadlines as well) w bonus Incendiary & bonus splash/aoe/grenade dam.

I have an excessive amount of annointed legendaries for recompense.

PS4: Darthquixote777

Whats up man, have the DP Devastatar on ASE next 2 mags will have 50% bonus incendiary damage, have a radiation DP laser sploder after exiting IB gain 120% splash damage and corrosive DP laser sploder after exiting IB next 2 mags will have 40% bonus incendiary damage, you want them ?

Have a blast master com with +1 redistribution, +2 vampyr and +2 pull the pin, with 50% maliwan accuracy, 31% pistol damage and 20% cryo resist ( not the best stats ) its there if you need it though

Most definitely man! I could make use main slot on those.

What type of stuff are you looking for and what’s PSN?

Nothing in return for me thanks, im just happy seeing them getting used, thanks though :+1:

Psn: timmo2times I have an avatar of a carrot with akimbo pistols

What elements are you looking for on these? I have a spare with 125% splash, with Corrosive/Shock

I have one of these, can’t remember the damage, but I think its shock

I believe I have both of these. Phaseslam or Phasecast anoints on both, and a terror one on the devastator

It does not look like I have the Lasersploder anymore, but I do have those Devastators and BBB. The BBB is 50% Rad damage on ASE.

I Do have a blast master with +1 in Redistribution, +2 in Vampyr, and +2 in Pull the Holy Pin with Weapon Damage, Atlas Fire Rate, and Weapon Charge too if interested

I’d be interested in that Kybs and the BBB. I’m trying to gear my Moze up a bit.

As far as Incendiary Lasersploder, I’m looking for either Splash/damage or Moze specific annoints.

What type of items are you looking for trade?

Oh snap, I would defo be interested in this! What are you looking for?

Not sure if I have that kybs anymore, it isnt in my bank for some reason. I will dig around my other toons for it to see if I still have it.

The BBB is yours regardless. I don’t really use it. I am on the lookout for an upgrade to my Phasezerker if you have any spares laying around, but you dont need to trade if you dont have anything of the sort

I definitely have a couple Phasezerker com’s I can send. Not sure of stats.

Do you need any Phasecast or Phaseslam annointed items?

What’s you PSN? I’ll be on in a few hours and send em.

Oh no worries on Kyb, I’m excited enough about the BBB!

PSN: GuyIncognito84

I am always on the lookout for Phasecast Gear, especially if it deals splash

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Yeah, I’ll definitely go for that Big Boom.

I’ll send you Phasezerkers and a a few weapons in the mail soon. I think I still have a Brainstormer w Phaseslam and a Corrosive Lyuda with Phasecast.

Sounds good. No need on the brainstormer. I have that one.

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Hey buddy hope all is well with yourself, see you were on the lookout for an upgrade on your phasezerker, let me know if you dont get sorted here and what you are chasing :+1:

You are the best! This one may be a little bit of a pipe dream, but hoping to pick up a phasezerker with better secondaries (I could really care less about the skill distribution, but more points in clarity is always a plus). Currently running one with Crit and Splash damage, but a crap third. Hoping to get my hands on one with three usable secondaries.

Oh snap, I’ve got a couple Phasezerkers. Not sure if secondaries but I’ll send em this evening.

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I’ll get back to you in a bit man im actually out of the house today