LF Shock Sureshot and Seein Dead +5DB

Hi Guys

Im looking for that perfect Tediore Shock Pistol

Purple, Sureshot XL (22Mag.), 4 Homing Mirv’s
(When thrown flys straight)

Dream Anointments:
5% Dmg+ReloadSpeed after Kill
ASE 125% Splash DMG
While Sntnl, 9%FireRate+23%Reload Speed
(ASE 125% Dmg against BNB)
(After Clone-Swapping - 130% Dmg)

And a Seein’ Dead COM with +5 Donnybrook
Bonus Wpn Dmg + Mag Size (or other stats for tediore or survivability)

If you have anything even similar…
PLEASE contact me

(Have a lot to trade, top tier anointed Gear incl.)

Please dont tell me nobody has something even similar :sob::pray:

Sorry to tell you, but you can be glad if you find someone with even a homing ++ version. Sureshots seam to be even more rare than their shotgun relatives (the everblasts).

And try to avoid double-posting (use edit function). Pushing your thread should also be after at least 24h.

But good luck bro!

I got a rad, cryo, shock and non element xl version with 4 homing mirvs
Non element anointed for ase 125%splash
Shock anointed for exit iron bear 120%splash

Found them all on my own
They are out there
But i “need” a shock one with zane/neutral anoints for doing my zane tediore speedrun at the m4 takedown
Just wanna see how much faster my zane build can bee then tediore moze.
(Need to have some stupid goals in this game… not?)
Allready close there and these two peaces of gear plus a bit more practicing should get me there…

Sorry if i pushd it to early. Will not push it again anyway… just hoped i would maybe find one to do the speedrun befor the takedown scalling hits.

Thanks for the wishes (but dont think i will find one, farmd it multiple days straigth plus used all my eridium on all chars for the gun gun)

I’ll massage you when I find one