LF - Shock Tediore Shotgun + Babymaker ++

HI All,

Looking for Shock Tediore Shotgun and a Babymaker ++

Normal versions accepted however annointed weapons are a bonus .

Lots of legendaries to trade with.


I just picked up a non anointed shock one you can just have

Ahhh a Zane! Can I ask you what mod are you goin to use and what relic?

I have both of them, I don’t know the anointment on them but can check when I get home today. If you still need them let me know and I can do it this evening.

Still need both of them annointed so if you can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if I can return the favour somehow!


@moanamchara06 - artifact is cutpurse white elephant (if you can find one with +40 mag size its even better) and mod treacherous lucky executor

I have a x10 tediore shotgun annointed for 125% splash
X15 fire annointed for 125% splash
Also a babymaker