LF shock tediore shotgun with homing/mirv parts

If you have this item I will give 3 annointed items of your choice. Will also accept other elements but only 1 for 1 for those.

Also looking for a deathless artifact with melee to refill ammo and mag size I will give 2. Will trade 1 for 1 if just cutpurse and mag size.

My gamertag is ThirdEyeOP

Annointed items I have:

Shocking Vanquisher (neutral annointment)
Disciplined Vanquisher (moze annointed)
Adapting Ripper (zane annointed)
Firesale Long Musket (moze annointed)
Frozen Polybius (moze annointed)
Poisen Polybius ( Terror annointed)
Ruby’s Wrath (moze annointed)
Searing Nemesis (Flak annointed)
Expert storm ( moze annointed)
Shredded devils foursum ( moze annointed)
Hostile Conference call (neutral annointment)
Dastardly Maggie (terror annointed)
Loaded Lead sprinkler (terror annointed)
Reciprocating Try-bolt (moze annointed)
High capacity warlord (terror annointed)
Gunerang xl (moze annointed)
Maxxed out baby maker (moze annointed)
Speedloodin hellwalker ( neutral annointment)
Cocky the boring gun (moze annointed)
Tina’s hippity hooper (moze annointed)

Just got these too