LF Shredding Scourge

LF Shredding Scourge.

Can trade lyuda and others.

I think I have one. I’ll chceck rq.

Nvm. I have an Oozing (corrosive) and Burning(fire) Scourge. Lmk of those interest you.

What do you want for the burning scourge?

Do you jave a rough rider with the movement speed buff? DP Echo in cryo or corrosive?

Unfortunately no, but I have DP vigorous Roisen’s thorns (corrosive) and lucians call (cryo).

Hmm…How about a Transformer? If not, can I get that cryo Lucian’s?

Same name on psn.

Haven’t got a transformer sorry man. Lucian’s call is 596 score tho.

Cool. That works for me. :slight_smile:

i just wanna say wow this is the laziest thing I’ve seen…get out there and adventure

Dude, you’re on a forum, in the trading section, posting something that no one will likely ever see. Get out there and adventure…

With these usernames, I feel like I just watched a teenaged son awkwardly challenge his father. >_>