LF Shredifier or Super Shredder

Really want to get my bullet orgy going with a shredifier. Preferably I would like to have a super with radiation damage, but I’ll take whatever is good enough. Got several legendaries I don’t really use that I could pawn off.

Gamertag is Desert Commando. In case it’s too vague my avatar has a L4D2 hat and shades.

I don’t have radiation but I got a couple with no element I think, I’ll send you one in like 20 mins just getting a mule to sanctuary quickly first


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Thanks. I’ll check it when I get back home in like. 40 or so min. No element is fine, it’s just that it would help melt enemies a lot quicker. However, bullet rain from the gun alone is enough. XD

Ok I got it. I have a sickle, faisar (shock), butcher (fire), cloud kill (corrosive), lead sprinkler, brainstormer, and a whiskey tango foxtrot. Interested in any of these?

I got all those, all good I’m trying to make bank space because I’m sick of making mules so happy to give away my doubles :slight_smile:

Cool. At least you were able to get them to drop. I can barely find any Vladof ARs during my plays, but I find plenty of snipers.

The joys of rng lol. I’ve probably had 5 or 6 drop so far so have others away too lol.