Lf shredifier with radiation

Trying to get shreddifier with rad damage and hopefully grenade launcher :grin: gamertag is AKO666

Iโ€™ve got one, I have to check the secondary function. Do you have any laser sploders, Flakkers, or storm front grenades?

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Ill just check one min

I have a cocky flakker :grin:

Wanna trade ?

Yeah, Iโ€™ll let you know when I get home

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Is that Flakker elemental?

Cool and i think it just has explosive damage with splash damage

You on tonight ?

Iโ€™m on now. Does that Cocky Flakker have any zoom bonuses?

If itโ€™s just iron sights we can trade right now

Sorry was out it has 1.5 zoom so basically iron siggt and has bigger splash damage over usual flakker

Ill be online in a couple hours for most the day if you are about