LF Shredifiers (w/ X2 multiplier)

I would prefer it to be X2 for more dmg…I have a few things to offer in return:

-5 different bloodletters
-Rowan’s Call (Fire, Shock, Radiation)
-Butcher (All elements cept Radiated)
-Lyuda (All elements cept shock)
-Kings and Queens call
-Fire Flakker & Casual Flakker
-Hex (Shock, Cryo, Radiated) None recurring, but all mirv or divider
-Lasersploders (all elements cept corrosive)
-Crossroads (all elements) & Nighthawkins
-Hive and Jericho
-A whole lot more

Thanks in advance…you guys are awesome

i have a double barrel fire shredifier, im interested in the shock mirv hex

What element is it? THe specific one I’m lookin for has a 2 times multiplier…consumes 2 ammo per shot for more damage

do you mean a super shredifier? the double barrels let it do x2. this is what i have

ah my bad, just looked at my inventory and found a x2 cryo shredifier.

Yea that last one is what I’m looking for…except I already have Cryo x2 lol

i have a corrosive 2 barrel shreddifier. ITs awesome

Times 2 multiplier? or just with 2 underbarrels?

ahhh my bad. 2 barrels version. Not x2 ammo

I’ll trade for that one…I don’t really have a corrosive rifle…what do you want for it?

This is still really good…I’ll trade the shock Hex if you want…jus drop your EPIC tag if you still need it.