LF>Siren Annointed weapons & Gear (phaseslam/phasecast) Buffed, Will trade Juicy Fl4k Mods, Weapons & More for them!

I got some stuffs to trade for some weapons and gear, mainly lookin for annointed siren weapons (mainly elemental) with phaseslam/Phasecast buff . (took the pictures while offline so for some of the weapons the damage might be greater or lower depending on the type of weapon after the patches)imageimage

Alot of Fl4k mods so prepare for scrolling! :laughing:

Now for Fl4k annointed weapons

That’s all for his weapons, so here’s a nice shield! :grinning:

That’s all for Fl4ks Items, here’s some extra stuffs for Moze & Zane.

If you got some good siren annointed weapons up for grabs and need any of this, I’m your guy! :wink:
(annointed 9 volt, cloud kill, fast shooting smg/pistol with phaseslam/phasecast buff would be orgasmic to me. :rofl:)

What do you want for giant slayer bounty hunter mod?

Did you read any of the text? :laughing:

My bad I forgot to put I don’t have any Siren anointed stuff

Damn, that’s kind of the only stuff I’m looking for. :confused:

Ok thanks Bro

Hi. Add me on Epic : Nize2864
I’ve got some weapons that may interest you.


Good stuff. I’ll be on later today.
See you in game


you still not gonna give up the giant slayer for anything else?

mmmmm, got anything good for zane?

nope sorry

but can trade or 3 for that bounty hunter

then probably not fam. :confused: unless you got a annointed 9volt or cloud kill.

just traded both of earlier today damn, i have some anointed weapons i can trade 2 or 3 for your 1

sorry i really dont have much space on any of my characters unless they are annointed for siren :L

i got you bro… i keep eye out then

what about anointed the transformer for the siren? its phaseslam