LF Siren Legendary Breaker mod w/ Find Your Center

Been farming mods with the event going on and keep getting the ones I don’t want. I have a bunch of siren mods and a few operative and Gunner ones that I could trade. Thank you!

I have this one.

Oh I’m sorry. I forgot to put in the post I’m looking for one with find your center. Thank you though.

I got a spare… any good roled dragon or phasezerker mode for Amara or blaster mods for Moze?

I also have a few nimbus. Don’t have that one for Gunner.

Are any of the nimbus +3 or even +4 to tempest? And pics if so I appreciate it.

At work for the next 8 hours but I’ll definitely trade for one of them will use the 8 hours to decide which haha (leading towards that Smg one atm). My breaker if I remember correctly has +31% to shotgun damageand the +1 to find your center of course

Sadly no +3 or +4 just a +2. I have been farming a few hours a day, if I run in to one I’ll hit you up.

you have anymore?

I’m saving the Phasezerker mod with the smg dmg for Unkempt but the rest are still available. Rest that I have.

I need a rope-a-dope breaker for the siren leg mod. Been grinding for 2 weeks straight and gotten nothing

I can send you that breaker class mod with find your center.

I am looking for a psycho stabber and a brawler ward annointed - after phaseslam 200% melee damage.