LF siren mods plus more

PSN is iMidNiteMurder.
LF the below
Elemental projector static charge artifact
Brawler ward shield (preferably anointed)
Flurrying Solitary breaker mod (melee bonus)
Cryo hex
Corrosive lucian
Psycho stabber
Fire rowans

Have the below and a bit more to offer
Rope a dope breaker x2
Punishing vestigial dragon
Leg bear trooper mod
Leg burning rocketeer mod
Numerous butchers
Storm and annexed Lyuda
Fortified Bloodletter
Blended carpet bombing elementalist
Rough rider
Simul4crum head
Cry havoc head
Burning flakker
Preemptive double slit cold warrior mod
Speedloadin hellwalker
Night hawkin

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does your breaker have a perk of melee, area damage, splash?

I’ll have to check in a few hours and let you know

What are stats on cold warrior mod?