LF Siren Nimbus class mod +shotgun

Looking for nimbus class mod with + shotgun dmg or maliwan dmg for trade or dup.

You happen to have a shock crossroads, a infiltrator mod with +smg damage, or a artic night hawkin?

I have a few normal shock crossroads and I can check If I have an anointed one.

Im actually good lol. Got one not to long ago. Ill just send you this nimbus mod :wink: whats ur gt

Cool thnxs. Its BoozaBoone


LF Nimbus Class Class Mod as well if anyone can spare one thanks

just a heads up, I don’t believe the nimbus cloud damage scales with + shotgun dmg

Did some testing it scales with shotguns but only per pellet. So if its 600x5 it only scales to the 600 and not the 3000.