LF Slag Evisceration Rubi OP8

Looking for Bladed Slag Rubi with Maliwan grip and sight OP8. If you have this or any bladed slag Rubi, I will trade anything I have for it. PSN: eddie_white

I have a bladed evisceration grog nozzle for you. should be friends already. if not add me. psn dmntdmstrmnd

I know this sounds strange, but I want a Rubi just to change things up as I already have a grog nozzle.

I should have this. Send me a FR, jgcobb79. Please reference this in the request or I will have no clue who you are and will just ignore it.

I’m on now if you want to trade.

It’s gonna be a while before I get on today…Maybe I can jump on quick in about an hour or so.