LF Slag Level 72 Pimp....Can offer lots (Completed---Thanks!)

I am at Level 72 with my new Zer0 and have Fire and Shock Pimps from other characters at that level…but no Slag which from all the vids, is the “Crem de la Crem” of snipers for Zer0.

I’d like to save the quest till I complete Level 80.

I know this is a tough trade but I have just a crap ton of other gear having played going on 4 years…ask and I will see what I have.

I only play with and use legit gear gotten in game or traded with friends I know who do the same. (Well, there was that Cobra back at level 50 I got in trade that I was pretty sure was not legit but at that time in the game 4 years ago, it seemed just impossible to get and I’m glad they have fixed that now.) Some of my items aren’t best parts or perfect but after playing this long, much of my gear is max.

Totally understand I could use the software, but what’s the sport in that?

Any help/takers appreciated.

I can help you out sometime, John, but you’ll need to host due to my somewhat crappy Internet.

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Excellent!! Will look for you online then invite you over. Thanks!!

Do you need any gear??

OK…slight miscommunication…Jac thought I meant help with the quest…

Nope…am saving it till 80.

Am looking for a trade.

I just got this

if you still need it, it’s available…

limited time offer though: 3… 2… 1… 0! better luck next time :wink:

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Thanks!! I found that one of my Commando’s still had the mission open as I didn’t snipe much as a Commando…so I have a decent Slag one now.

However…If you have a level 70-72 Purple Slag Singularity…that would be great!!

Or a Level 72 Longbow Meteor Shower.

I have a pot full of Verucs I can give you…LOL

Is this resolved? If not I’m happy to complete the mission at level 72 / OP zero with one of my characters and get you a slag one. :slight_smile: I’m not much of a Pimpernel user myself…

Got one Hattie…Thanks, you are a Peach!

I will modify the title.

Now LF a level 72 Longbow Purple Slag Singularity

You need any Lyudas…or Fastballs or Verucs at Level 72…got a pot full after two days farming.

Ok, cool! I probably won’t be on till tomorrow evening but will find it for you then :slight_smile:

Hmm, I think some 72 fastballs would be quite useful actually. Very handy for getting through the Peak!

Thanks and Can Do…I have Fire and Explosive I can give you and those actually work the best at the Peak I think.