LF slag/shock pimpernel or a way to farm it

Hi all, looking for a slag or shock pimpernel, I have some nice stuff I can trade for it. Also, since the mission is only able to be completed once I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of how to get the other element versions of the pimpernel aside from trading. Thanks!

Since you appear to have already turned the mission in, you’d have to reset your UVHM play-through (which resets every mission and puts you back at the start of the story) so you could jump straight to Oasis and run through to that mission again. As you’re on PC, you can “read-only” farm the turn-in until you get the desired element. Lather, rinse, and repeat.

And if you want to keep some version and still farm other variants, you need to put it into Stash and save&quit.

I was reading about the “read farming” but when I went to my saves folder it showed that the entire save folder was already read only.

What am I doing wrong?