LF Smog with certain annoints


Smog in all elemtns with 200 ASA, CH, next 2 mags.

I have a bunch of crap…so hmu

I have a cryo smog next mag shock. Do you have webslinger? or any new gear of takedown that I dont have ( got globe trotter, lightspeed grenade, new melee shield…)

pretty sure i have…a webslinger but its not a great annoint…ill double check

Deathshot right, I have a CH and a 200 ASA I will send your way

i love you bro

When the new DLC drops just keep me in mind if you find any sntl 100 or 50/150 in the new wpn drops, lol

Yea i gotchu

i have a webslinger with next 2 mags bonus cryo dmg.

psn RHAAAALoovely