LF Snowdrift Deathless Artifact

As title says, trying to get a Snowdrift Deathless Artifact. Let me know what you might want for it and I will see if I have it or not. Thanks!

Do you have a cutpurse deathless ?

Unfortunately no, I have Elemental projector deathless. Maybe a few others on a mule but I’m sure I don’t have that one.

Hey, looking for annointed rosa thorn pistol for gamma burst

Do you have any gamma burst anounted guns?

i have a spare rosa pistol with x2 and gamma burst if you’ve got the right artifact for me

I might, let me know if you’re still looking for them and I will check out my mules when I get on BL3.

I looked on all my mules and sadly this is the ONLY Fl4k gamma burst one that I have.