LF Snowdrift Deathless, H many things

Anyone have a snowdrift deathless for trade? Let me know what you would want for it, my psn is Booflax.

Do you have a Annexed fire Lyuda with 125% to bosses etc after ASE or next 2 mags do bonus fire dmg. Or 100% more dmg ASE

If not that do you perhaps have a maggie with any of those annointments i mentioned above

Same with fire Cutsman with those annointments

Or a stop gap with Sntl annointment?

If none of those what about a good Seein dead com?

I know I have a few fire lydias, not sure what kind, ill check when I get home, thanks.

This is the lydia i have, intrested?

Have any extra projectile on terror guns? Especially pistols.

Heres the best terror stuff i have.

its just that mag size :/…Anythign else u have ? Any maggies?

No annointed maggies, sorry

Found this

Friend request sent.

Hey, i have some lyuda and some other items here
I am looking for:
Cutsman - coro 125% on bosses
Nuclear The Dictator X6 125% Damage Anointed or 100% ase with fire/coro/radiation/shock
King’s call ASE weapon dmg 100% (fire and coro)
Queen’s call ASE weapon dmg 100% (cryo and coro)
Annexed Lyuda 125% more dmg - fire/radiation
Reinforced re-charged with capacity 13411 with annointed on ASE action skill cd rate is increase by 20%
-Otto Idol / Victory Rush 1. Assault Rifle Damage 2. Magazine Size 3. Action Skill Cooldown Rate
-Otto Idol / Victory Rush 1. Pistol Damage 2. Weapon Reload Speed 3. Action Skill Cooldown Rate
St4ckbot mod with : Sniper dmg, vladof critical dmg, weapon dmg
Supergiant version 0.M annointed 50% shock dmg with weapons

Feel free to add me to friends, PSN: diabolick90
Message me here or on ps4