LF Snowdrift Deathless & Pearl with Mag Size, can trade uRad Hellwalker & uRad Root

As the title says I am looking for a Snowdrift Deathless and a Mag Size Pearl

I have a Radiation uRad Root and uRad Hellwalker. I have consecutive hits hellwalker as well. Every type of flipper, prompt criticals, beacons. All shields, Grenades. I am a Moze main so I have all the top weapons for her.

Do you have a consecutive hits prompt critical, got a spare Pearl with mag size and fire rate i can give.

You got beacons x1 with 300/90?

Unfornately no Beacon with 300/90, but I do have a Beacon Fire/Corrosive x2 with 200% Splash on Action Skill End.

Let me check when I get time tonight. I am not entirely sure if I have a consecutive Prompt.

Do have shock/corrosive flipper with ch1 or 300/90 or ib160 ?
Same for beacon x1 shock/corrosive with ch1?
I’ve got a pearl with mag size & fire rate