LF Snowdrift Deathless preferably high mag size

Can trade Sandhawk’s or Lucian’s Call, if you want something else, I’ll see if I have it.

Psn: Svea_Forzum

I got that do you have any of this

Looking for a ST4KBOT class mod with SMG and Weapon damage, and a SEEIN DEAD class mod with Heavy and/or Sniper Damage with Weapon damage. Otto Idol or Victory Rush artifacts with Assault Damage and Magazine Size or Sniper Rifle Damage and Magazine Size. Also looking for a Rad Soulrender with ASE Fire Monarch with 150% Rad under 50% Health and a Fire Recursion with 150% Rad under 50% Health and a Clairvoyance with SNTL Cryo DMG.

Closest I’ve got is a Flesh Melter Otto Idol. 20% sniper, 2,7k health, 34 rad resist