LF Snowdrift Deathless!

Too hard to farm man. Does anyone have it available?

Passives: corrosive damage, life regen and chance of irradiation, if that makes sense. Not sure about the translation of the last term.

Send me a friend request psn halinglis and I will send you one.

Adding you rn! I’m Uli6z1983. Thanks!

Sent the 2 I had, hope they help

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Thanks a lot man!

No worries enjoy

Hey, I just updated the description with other passives. Anyone?

have to check my vault, let you know after work

Are you just after those passives or are you open to suggestions?

Hey man, have you checked if you have it? Sorry it took me so long

I’m a beginner, so I’m open to any suggestions you have :slight_smile: sorry it took me long to answer

i checked and i don’t have it sorry