LF snowdrift loaded dice , last stand Loaded dice

I have plenty of anointed gear , mods , anointed Hawk , crossroads , flakker buring or itchy just let me know what you need
AZZBLOOD4FUN message me

Did they fix loaded dice?

I have a snowdrift loaded dice that i’d trade for a radiation recurring hex. Don’t care if it’s annointed or not

You still have the dice ?

If he doesn’t I have one

Do you happen to have

Redundant Brainstormer anoited( on ASE the next 2 mags have 50% bonus elemental damage)

Lucians call fire/corrosive anoited (same as above)

Snowdrift/ ice breaket Otto idol/ victory rush with AS cool down / shotty damage / weapon damage / cryo damage?

DP Gratifying Laser Sploder corrosive w/ 1.5 zoom

Ya I have all that message me

I am work rn wont be on until 6pm est. Will we be able to work something out then?

Sounds good man thanks