LF Snowdrift loaded dice or Otto Idol

Passives I need on either: 40% mag size

Loaded Dice also needs 149 hp regen

For other passives I’m looking for pistol/smg/shotgun damage, incindiary damage, or area-of-effect damage.

I have a ton of Zane and Moze M4, DLC and Takedown gear.

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I’ve got you on the snowdrift Otto idol. Add me on psn same name. I could use some good Zane gear as I just got my Zane to level 50.

I got you. I’ll be on tonight. Should have both of what you’re looking for. I have a Last Stand Otto Idol with health regen. I have several loaded dices.

I’ll add you in a bit, my PSN is DR_EVIL_GN

Know what passives it has? I have one, mainly looking for better passives

What’s your PSN?


That was a reply to you, sorry, n8d0ggz