LF Snowdrift or Elemental Projector Deathless/Honor Guard Enhanced Bloodletterlvl 50

Have some other items. Ask me if you want or add me on epic: Caubin

you looking for anointed or non anointed transformer?
I have a bunch of non anointed i could toss you one, or i have a few anointed ones you could trade for…

lets talk in game

Yeah. non would be also ok. Added u

just hop in my game
i thought i had more anointed ones but looks like only one atm.
ummmmm non anointed on the house though.
i’ve got like 7 in my inv (no joke)

I’m pretty sure I have the other gear you’re looking for.

sounds good :smiley:

@korben44 add me please: Caubin

Added. V I’ll be on later tonight