LF Snowdrift Otto Idol lvl 53 preferred

I have taken Tyreen down an insane amount of times and have not gotten the right roll on an otto idol. Looking for snowdrift Otto Idol lvl 53


Thank you

Doesn’t exist that’s an impossible roll for an artifact.

You can have shotgun, ar, smg, Pistol, Heavy, sniper etc.

Or elemental damage.

But Critical Damage and manufacture specific buffs do not roll on artifacts only classmods.

Great to know I appreciate the help and knowledge!

Do you happen to have a snowdrift otto idol with any type of buff?

I’ve got a bunch of them for LV 50 and I might have 1 at LV 53. I’ll put up a pic in 10-20mins.

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That looks great, but do you have any maybe lvl 50’s that have magazine size and pistol or sniper damage?

Sniper maybe pistol no. Shotgun and SMG is all I’m thinking of right now I’ll take a look.

Hello !
That SD Otto Idol looks great and could fit my FL4K perfectly :sweat_smile:
Anything we could trade ?

I was going to trade for that lvl 53 if he didnt have a lvl 50 with sniper or pistol damage :grimacing: :grimacing:

ok no problem ^^ you are first to trade :+1:t2:

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The only two I found with Weapon Damage and mag size

Ooooooook :star_struck:
So your lvl50 SD Otto Idol with MagSize/Shotgun dmg/ASCD is better for me than your lvl53 ^^

Hope we can trade this one ^^

I would love to trade for the lvl 53!

What would you like/what do you need?

I’ll be around later on this evening and I will work something out with you two gents.

Should be back on around 7:30 central U.S.

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Looking for other interesting 53 artifacts, or IONs X2 with 125% Splash, or 160% Splash. Also Craps Pistols with good anointments.

If you don’t have any I’ll still help you out.

I know I have an ION x2 with ASE 100% weapon damage (lvl 50 though). Craps and artifacts id have to look.

PSN is GoldenLust93

Ok I’m a CET player, so won’t be in game until tomorrow evening (approx 18h from now)

Will be happy to trade :slightly_smiling_face: