Lf snowdrift otto idol

Plenty to trade, message me here or on Xbox

Gamertag: the lemonader

What perks you looking for. I know mine has ascd and possible shock dmg…

It’ll do for now for sure

What’re you looking for in return

Well I have to hop on to confirm the perks on my artifact but it for sure has ascd.

Honestly idk, I’d like an its piss with cryo or cash infused bs with 50 cryo next 2 mags. If you sont have that let me know what you have that’s close. Also will need you to help dup e the idol if that’s ok.

I have those dude, hop on and let’s make a trade

I’m on

i have this,

What are the perks in english?

21% wait time action
27% burn ,
30% shield reload rate

Thx man. Sorry, couldn’t tell.

relax, i forget to translate my items .