LF Snowdrift Splatter Gun with movement speed and shotgun damage %

Movement speed %
Shotgun damage %

I have a snow drift splatter gun… Cannot remember what is on it.

Could you find out?

+incendiary +shield recharge rate + reload speed

Yeah that’s awesome dude

You want to trade then?

What do you need I’ll see what I have

I don’t really need anything… I’d be interested in a radiation devil’s foursome, a fire or corrosive cutsman, or an elemental Phebert, or butcher with sntnl cryo anointed.

I don’t think I have any of that I’m after a Cutsman myself tbh

Okay… Do you have any interesting anointed grenades?

I don’t have any annointed grenades atm lol

I main Zane. Anything interesting I might want? Sntnl cryo stuff

I think I have some stuff that gives you cryo after ase

What do you have specifically? I honestly shield wise am set up. I have transformers in all ASE options, and I only use the transformer.