Lf snowdrift static charge

Lf snowdrift static charge, preferably with melee and/or elemental damage passives but let me know what you got! Have plenty of great melee gear and more to trade in return

I have a couple o these. You got any 50/150 gear?

What passives are on them? Yea what sort of 150/50 gear you after?

Atm I’m looking for sand hawks and monarchs (even a one pump chump if you got it); corrosive preferred.

Not sure on passives. What passives are you looking for?

I’ll have a look when I’m home. I know I have some 150/50 sandhawks. I mean like what are the bonuses at the bottom of the snowdrift static charges? Like melee etc

I understand. I still have to check.

Ok, well let me know

Do you need specific passives? Otherwise why stress on passives?

Well its for a melee build so need melee and elemental damage passive preferably. I did mention that at the top of the post

Bro I can’t reed man. Be more sensitive :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I have one w melee and one w cryo. They’re lvl 60

Haha all good man! Ah yea any chance you could show me a pic of them?

Just sent them to you w some xtras

Ah cool thanks. I’ll send you what a have soon then when I jump on

Thanks a ton man :metal:

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No worries man!