LF snowdrift victory rush AOE damage

Tell me what you need I see if I have it .

I think I’ve got one. I’m looking for seeing dead with some variation of damage rolls. Want a pic?

will this work?

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Here’s the relic roll. That work?

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Yup my psn is stupidfrickenpid

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Cool. Sent you a request.

Very interested for your class mod, anything else you want for it?

Do you have a shock beacon sntl cryo or a good bounty hunter mod?

Only Beacon with consecutive hits ans ASE in primary shock. I can farm it quick. Got a bounty hunter but the rolls are not that good i think. (Mag size + 28%/melee damage +59%/ shield delay -22 %)

I’ll take the consecutive hits for trade

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I’ll send it in the mail in a couple hours

How does Action skill damage work on the seein dead mod? does it add 36% damage for every action skill you have, or is it for your clone? confused…

With all action skill, my drone can kill mob by himself now