LF Snowdrift victory rush artifacts

plenty of arm race weapon to trade for it

ING: Terratanker

Do you have a preference on stat rolls?

no any, just cause mine still lvl 50 lol

I think I can help then. Let me check my bank quick, but I’m almost certain I have a spare.

I have a level 60 version with decently useful roles, if you’re interested?

Yup, I’ve got a level 65 version with +shock damage/+mag size/+weapon accuracy. Add me on PSN (Sigred_Caewyn), and I’ll send it to you.

you need someting from arm race?

Artifact is in the mail!

I’m looking for CH Plasma Coil, CH Annexed (x2) Boogeyman, CH Dark Army, Eternal Flame w/ +Splash & +AS damage, and various Beskars.

If you don’t have any of those, no worries!

i check i my chest, i got alot of stuff
done over 800 run of arm race

Dark Army CH(fire) in the mail :wink:

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