LF Snowdrift Victory Rush or Deathless

Preferably with Area of Effect and Grenade Damage.

Also looking for a Bloodletter class mod with either Grenade, Weapon or Splash Damage.

I have a few anointed legendaries like Lucians Calls, Lyudas and some others. And some non anointed gear as well.

Just let me know what you’d like in return and I’ll see if I have it.

Reply here or message me on PSN: PrismaticEffect

Just trying but, how does an elemental projector victory rush sound to you?

Sorry for the late response but no thanks. Really trying to find a snowdrift one.

Does this seem good enough for ya?

I got the victory rush you are looking for do ya got any class mods to trade?

I have a few but not many. Some for Moze, Fl4k and amara. What kind were you looking for?

Some for Zane. Add me on PS4 and we can talk about it on there. Add SonnySquad

I’ve got Snowdrift Victory Rush if you have DE4DEYE Mod for FL4K with no “Go for the eyes!” skill on it, or a Breaker mod for Amara that has the “Find Your Center” skill and +melee damage bonus stat.

I have the breaker class mod. Does the relic have area of effect and grenade damage?

Afraid not. It has additional movement speed, mag size, and shock damage.

Sorry I missed that part or I would’ve said already