Lf snowdrift with double movement speed have yellowcakes and opq sys

I am looking for a snowdrift relic of any kind (preferably victory rush) with double stacked movement speed (20%).

I have a x2 m10 yellow cake with 125% iron Bear exit damage, 150% radiation opq, 300% opq, and a bunch of other random stuff. Hmu and I’d be happy to check.

i have a Snowdrift Victory Rush, 20% movement speed, 34% shock resistance if you’re interested?

Do you happen to have either of these items?
Stop Gap — action skill start
Kaoson X2 Corrosive — ASE 100%

Otherwise i can trade for the 300% OPQ — assuming that’s M10 as well?


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Hm. Okay I would like to try to hold out for something with the third stat for damage but im totally aware that’s not very likely. But I don’t have the other two things. I’ll check again tho.

I’ll check my relic mule.
Sorry fella not even a single speed passive I’m afraid but I’ll keep a look out.

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Thanks for checking!