LF snowshoe or frozen heart with "action skill start" anoint (also LF cutpurse launchpad)

Is it just me or is this anoint impossible to get?

My items are mayhem 10. just drop a comment and ill let you know if I have what youre looking for asap.

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Do you have a corrosive plaguebearer with a good anoint?

got a rad stuffed pb 300%…

I have the Frozen Heart.
Psn: Loladan
Have been looking for a Monarch with the Iron Bear 125 anoint.

checked all my chars… dont have a single iron bear anoint. sry but thanks for your time. ill let you know if i get one.

How about a high pellet count Anarchy with ASE 100?

i have a 982x18 no ele

whoops sry not ase 100. i have other types of ase tho

How about a Recursion with ASE 100?

I have the frozen heart u got any kaoson 32 mag 50/150?

currently farming that kaoson and recursion myself. sry. currently turned off internet to farm wotan. its working but very slowly. was able to get a coupleM10 kybs worth and Higgs boom but looking to get redistributor.

i have a recursion cyber spike are over 10k damage if you want or phase grasp.

Got a cutpurse launchpad, will trade for a one shotter shield or a cryo old got with good passives.

Nah all good lmk if u get any

I have one shot shields

Cool, my PSN is JuniorSenior95 if you wanna trade?

Im not on now u can add me psn. Ssj_ayon

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